Telesto Group helps customers plan their IT investments and also manage testing processes with a variety of services, aimed for reducing the total cost of quality software development. Telesto Group’s suite of solutions is designed to provide customers with software testing services that offer the most efficient strategies and methodologies.

Understanding Software Application Testing

Telesto Group understands all aspects of multi-faceted modern software application testing. Software testing is a resource intensive and costly process that requires a focus on both strategy and technology. Testing, if done correctly, can lead to far fewer defects as well as significantly less rework that might be realized in the production environment. This translates to immense benefits for the organization across cost, quality and time to market. Efficient testing drives software quality and user confidence in an enterprise’s business processes. Effective testing is able to minimize cost and save time. Above all, efficient testing enhances the confidence that customers have in their ultimate application goals.

Application Testing Partner of Choice

Telesto Group brings the combination of right people and cutting edge technology. Telesto Group’s consultants are trained in the latest industry-leading test tools and processes to ensure a best of breed software testing practice. Combining this foundation in solid testing models with a robust understanding of test methodologies, Telesto Group is the trusted partner for any application testing requirements.


Our software testing methodology includes:

  • Test management tools and techniques
  • Easy to follow testing procedures
  • Rigorous defect management processes
  • Document templates
  • Clear audit trails
  • A reporting and communications overlay
  • A range of software tools to complement selected procedures

Software Testing as a Service

Implementing testing in-house from the ground up can often be a daunting task. It requires an extremely large initial investment followed by routine monitoring and regular maintenance costs. Depending upon the scope of the project, these costs can be exorbitant. When application testing requires immediate attention, Telesto Group offers the following software testing programs as a service:

  • Functional Automation Testing – utilizing the latest tools to automate QA testing
  • Performance and Load Testing – understand how your applications will perform with the available resources
  • Test Data Management – extraction and manipulation of source data into a QA or DEV system

Consider utilizing Telesto Group’s software testing as a service when:

  • An application requires automation in a short time frame and in-house specialization is not available
  • It is preferable to minimize maintenance costs for automation and performance tests
  • Application testing does not require intimate understanding of functional design (i.e. black box testing)

Automation & Performance Testing

Developing a comprehensive yet cost-effective test plan can be a monumental challenge. Telesto Group is familiar with many different testing approaches and methods and is able to help simplify the process. Utilizing a number of different tools, Telesto Group is able to develop an automated test plan that fits customer business requirements. Performance testing allows testers to evaluate how well an application performs under specific circumstances. Telesto Group offers enterprise experience in performance testing across all types of landscape configurations. In addition, Telesto Group’s test plans are precision-scaled based upon the specific nature of the performance testing required by the organization.

Test Center of Excellence

A Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) refers to a team, shared facility or other entity that enables an organization to quickly and efficiently plan and execute quality assurance initiatives. With businesses moving at an ever-quickening pace, the pressure is often directed most at internal IT organizations to keep up with the business needs. This pressure can ultimately force the testing process to be unnecessarily hastened, potentially leading to problems with quality control. Telesto Group understands that each organization and its respective testing needs are different. Telesto Group focuses on innovation, efficiency, and the utilization of proper testing tools to ensure that the organization meets the goals that the business demands with an assured ROI.

Evaluation Services

Telesto Group also offers Application Testing Evaluation Services, in which customers are involved in making informed estimates about where they stand in terms of their testing lifecycle in relation to industry best practices. A few of the key areas that are evaluated are:

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Organization
  • Communication
  • Reporting
  • Test Process Management
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Metrics
  • Defect Management
  • Test Case Design
  • Test Tools
  • Test Environment