Whether it is instructor-led training, computer-based training, web-based training, train-the-trainer, or a combination of these scenarios, Telesto Group has the experience to develop and deliver the education and training courses that are needed.

The team that Telesto Group brings has multiple years of business process, SAP technical, and adult education experience. This unique combination supplies Telesto Group’s clients with more than a person following a script. Telesto Group’s resources build the courses so that they are understood by the business user, deliver them using adult learning techniques so that the individual learning styles are addressed and field questions with knowledge and confidence. Through the use of the Telesto Business Integrator ® (TBI), the training materials are visually and dynamically presented for each process.

The educator and trainer is the ambassador to the end users. He or she often presents the first glimpse into the vast differences the transformational change effort brings to the organization. In order for the users to quickly adopt the changes the message must be clearly and expertly communicated. Such an important role shouldn’t left to amateurs!