SAP’s Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is a module designed to extract specified data from a production environment into a development, quality assurance, or training system. There are a variety of data transfer scenarios that can be geared to fit customers’ business needs. Utilizing TDMS will assist in managing non-production environments by easily refreshing those systems with consistent data, saving costs both in personnel and through using a reduced technical footprint. By selecting relevant tables for transfer to meet customers’ specific business needs, TDMS significantly reduces the size of the non-production system and reduces the manpower required to carry out routine refreshes.

TDMS is a powerful and complex tool that can be customized to each organization’s business needs. Telesto Group carries unique expertise of the TDMS platform. Telesto Group’s consultants provide reliable solutions to a wide variety of problems, ranging from data scrambling requirements, process-specific data requirements, date-specific information needs, and countless others. Telesto Group helps customers implement the best data transformation processes to meet individual business requirements, while documenting and transferring all the necessary information in order to sustain a repeatable process for the future.