Landscape Transformation

Managing data in a test environment can often be a costly experience. Many organizations rely on simply copies of production instances to refresh QA and development environments, resulting with high overhead costs and potentially frustrating outcomes.

Telesto Group has a unique knowledge with the SAP delivered data migration tools. Implementing and utilizing these tools will streamline data migration tasks and dramatically reduce costs through lower overhead, and significantly reduced storage requirements.

SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) software accelerates business and IT transformations while turning complex business requirements into a highly standardized set of transformation solutions. Managing system transformations in the traditional way – to accommodate business reorganization, acquisitions, mergers, etc. – can turn into an expensive, multi-year project. SAP LT streamlines this process with a collection of core analytical programs to aid the organization with this task.

Telesto Group has unique experience with utilizing SAP LT to create new test environments for QA and/or project needs. With extensive technical and business process knowledge, Telesto Group delivers solutions for specific business requirements and dramatically reduces the cost of transforming technical landscapes in accordance with business needs.