Enterprise Integration at Telesto Group brings together our whole suite of process, technical and management services to focus on the successful implementation of a new application or a complete enterprise system. Telesto Group is engaged across the whole life cycle of an implementation including:

  • initial strategy
  • requirements determination
  • process and organization design
  • software solution selection
  • software configuration
  • data migration and management
  • procedure development
  • training development and delivery
  • metrics development

Telesto Group ensures the return on the integration investment through implementation support and continuous improvement.

The key to Telesto Group’s success is being able to provide top level experts in the industries, technologies, applications and business functions being implemented. These include certified product application consultants, instructional design experts, process management and organizational design specialists as well as senior supply chain management professionals who can bring the whole solution together. Telesto Group’s engagements are supported by a strong project management team with tools and methodologies built based on decades of similar experience. This program management expertise allows Telesto Group to transparently work within a multi-disciplined environment pooling the best talents across vendors to ensure an optimal system and efficient processes with a fully empowered work force.